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Last updated: 2020-10-22 (October 22nd, 2020 C.E./AD)

This site will not be version controlled most likely. If you see something here you like, make your own backups as I have other curated data offline which I care about more than what I share publicly on the web and have been paid by others to help make their world class web presence (even if they may have shady employment histories, as tends to happen with those in the Fortune 5) with decades of sites running my code with similarly high uptimes to point to in numerous instances. I have been handsomely compensated as a Senior System Administrator for realtime audio and streaming website providers older than Google and Facebook and the latter have been clients of previous employers to make use of my expertise on occasion.

I began formal instruction in programming in the early 1980s and less formally before that. Which is to say: I have been programming longer than Microsoft Windows or the Apple Macintosh have existed. I never stopped, and though I strongly prefer Unix variants, BSDs, Amiga Workbench, RTOSes and microkernels to the alternatives, by the time I was a teenager cohorts and I were interloping into high speed military networks and trading アニメ and warez and MODs and building faster xfers and hidden filesystems and network overlays. We never got dumber, but some of us got bored. If  you are a newcomer that is OK but while respect is a good default to have rather than something which should be earned, in the interest of being polite: patience remains a virtue for a reason, and mine is not infinite even if I sometimes wish it were. I make mistakes, I have regrets, I do my best to not repeat past mistakes, but "it's a practice, not a perfect." ー 師父 Dr. John DeAnzo II DTCM, DMQ.

Which is a polite way of saying: a lot of well funded organizations seem to have demonstrated that they are willing and want to pay me for my time, but they probably have been lowballing me and without an agent or many others who have demonstrated that they are looking out for my best interests, I have found myself continually:

devalued, disrespected, undermined, occasionally even cryptographically MITMed (I am not even joking, I wish) and struggling just to subsist. While I am a survivor, I don't want a victim parable to be my prevailing narrative, so I plod onwards like a dirge in a death march if need be, but assistance has perpetually been appreciated and I repay my debts when I can, even if it may be days, months, years, or longer until I do. Moreover, I know a lot of individuals with less technological skills and more social "rubber hose" bullying tactics have made out like robber barons in my field, and while I repeatedly find myself undoing their predictably damage, it would be wonderful if I could live a life that were less one of poverty even if I have no aspirations to live like a king, I've seen where that leads, and it's why scripture was written as can be found in Matthew 19:24.

The upshot: I can't be bought it seems? Like watery mist in the clouds I have wandered heavens' heights and like the 道「dao」I have sunk in the swamps of 地獄 and can make some semblance of peace anywhere despite adversities. While I may have staunch unpopular well informed opinions at times, and despite being an Eeyore existentialist occasionally, I strive to dig myself up out of the metaphorical sludge and progress onwards even if there is nothing in it for me but the love. Sometimes that love may seem selfish or self serving, but without some self care, how can I continue care for others who repeatedly demonstrate they do not seem to give a damn about me? 

I may or may not be available for hire, but I was and presumably will be and am always open to the idea of better arrangements and collaborations. I had been working for The MADE (Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment) since the Fall of 2017, though due to COVID19 and being a non-essential business, they closed their doors to the public in March of 2020 and moved everything into storage on September 21st, 2020 due to the landlord not willing to provide free rent despite them being a registered 501c3 nonprofit. However, I am struggling with a lot of things that don't make me a great employee right now for anyone. Namely, nomadic homelessness due to having insufficient income for my locale even though I was born here, in California. I am open to relocating for the right opportunity, however I still require additional sources of income to maintain a lifestyle with basics like shelter and food and such, since the USA is locked into a seemingly intractable series of a mercenary industrial complex, a prison industrial complex, a medical industrial complex just to name a few and my past attempts at ex patriating in 2014 were unsuccessful so I am making the most of a bad situation and more income helps. I may be able to sub contract via the MADE though candidly I would rather be employed at that mythological 40 hour work week that supposedly our ancestors fought for and I have never, to this date ever experienced a livable wage at 40 hours a week, I've had 40+ hours a week + 24/7 on call for years, or part time with zero benefits, as well as a lot of employers who pay me even less than that and expect me to sleep at their offices when they do not even have showers nor kitchens. In other words, I am part of the exploited proletariat and an example of numerous labor violations and can't even retain an attorney to litigate against such abusers.Which is incredibly ironic given that I have been repeatedly asked to act as expert legal counsel for companies that shall remain nameless and have done so, recreating prior art to invalidate spurious patent claims for example and their attorneys have referred to my CLI skills as "magic". Meanwhile, I contend that such skills are based in a profound understanding of science, and I also can truthfully claim to have some amount of formal training in esoteric schools of magic and more. So while the likes of Google/AI and others have paid my employers upwards of $300/hour for my time I have been lucky to see $15 to $30/hour for my efforts before taxes, which is a helluva cut that my exploitive employers have taken, given that they clearly have never been able to demonstrate the level of expertise they've requested of me, otherwise they wouldn't have been asking of my services to begin with presumably? If you know of a decent labor lawyer who would work on my behalf pro bono, please let me know. The only half decent attorney I ever met is dead, and even he would repeatedly ask me for technical help with his computers and never paid me for my time. Hence, the "half" decent element, sure you've probably seen ACAB, but the corollaries of ALAB (L=Lawyers) and AJAB (J=Judges) are just as true, at least in the USA, a land rule by corruption instead of Justice.

I am not a lawyer, and I would like to keep it that way. My dad went to law school and it never helped him with any lawsuits, bankruptcies, nor getting screwed over by unscrupulous business partners either. I am a struggling artist, or as I have joked: "a starving art collector" but I would be OK with less struggling and more art.

To paraphrase TRON: I have fought for the users. Alas, the users more often than not have been abusers, and I need individuals to strive to support me, because I am not making ends meet on my own and I can't in good conscience support others more than myself when I am drowning in others' ignorance and ill will. BOFHs aren't born, they are made, and burn out from repeated transgressions from employers claiming to have my best interests in mind and repeatedly demonstrating they have little more than their own avarice at heart only fuel a profoundly felt cynicism fed by empirical data and a complete lack of trust in the human species. I seem to have profoundly underestimated human avarice and ignorance and there are only so many cheeks to be turned until they've all been slapped by ignoramuses who still don't seem to ever understand that might doesn't make right and that the ends do not justify the means. Karma has a lot of unkind things uttered about it, and samsaric sufferance seems to be eternal as long as life persists, thankfully, there are realms of spacetime without such atrocities and I seek to bask in them as I have done before and shall doubtlessly do again.

That said, below was a snapshot of some past work related stuff:

Still seeking: consistently well paid stable gainful employment with stronger intellectual and technical challenges and ideally not contending with insane commutes and being on call 24x7 anymore. Currently in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, but open to relocating depending on where and for what opportunities. Previously worked for Sou Sou since December 2016, but that was only seasonal and part time and I was and still am (even in October 2020 -ed) having a bit of difficulty making ends meet.

Some more recent clients and employers: Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.,  KrakenWhipVeganBurg & KinkBNB, code word, DNA Lounge, Sauce LabsiXsystemsPodOMatic, Applied Operations (occasional subcontractor and advisor) NCC Group (previously iSEC Partners) Kink.com (possibly NSFW), GraniterockSan Luis Obispo County Office of EducationAeris CommunicationsCarleton CollegeMonterey Resources Group (at most, but not all places doing: network, system, and security administration go-to-IT-guy-sometimes-even-for-other-IT/infosec folk, I was also a member of w00w00 though I think as far as "scene" affiliations go, I am more grateful to have collaborated and occasionally worked with individuals in FLT better known in recent years for realtime VFX software Notch as well as productions with CNCD.)

Some other places I may be found (or used to be found?) on the internet and elsewhere

noisebridge (co-founder)

undeadly (intermittent editor)

Places where I have contributed as a volunteer, IT consultant and in the last two TeaJay/Tea "Master": Rainforest Action Network, Kiva, The Ruckus Society, Tea Oasis, Om Shan Tea

Creative projects and groups with which I have collaborated: Interpretive Arson (2πr Maker Faire iteration embedded computer overhaul),  Ardent Heavy Industries (Syzygryd network equipment selection, configuration) Kinetic Steamworks (Wilhelmina), Flaming Lotus Girls (Gee-Gnome), Helped restore the oldest known version of Unix at the time by getting an old printout of PDP11/20 assembly into machine readable format again https://code.google.com/p/unix-jun72/  (work presented at Usenix and inspired other old Unix gray beards to drop even older versions of Unix since then, w00t: http://static.usenix.org/events/usenix09/tech/full_papers/toomey/toomey.pdf)

deejayin': Maker Faire Anti surveillance fashion show, sporadic fund raisers, special events & past-The Box (resident DJ) past-guest past-guest past-radio(1992-1995 guest during the WWWA Techno Jams show) co-organizer

SILC/IRC/ICB,etc: グレェ or grェ or grey or grey- (there have been other variants too, I do not share my legal name with many unless you're putting me on your payroll, and even then prefer when you write checks to names which are not that, I have not yet had problems cashing them)

github: artkiver [I have maintained private DVCS systems and had meals with the author of hg on more than one occasion (a fellow vegan) most of my code on github, if it is there, was not checked in by me. I consider Microsoft an enemy to real software development, and all that is decent in human existence, a partner of the 1980s AI winter and WWIV, and a bedfellow to modern day fascism and their collaborations with heinous organizations such as ICE just proves that point, as if ripping off Gary Kildall, and taking credit for John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz's BASIC programming language hadn't been damning enough in previous decades, that company was founded out of greed and ignorance, not ethics and attribution.]

This site is mostly a placeholder. I usually prefer to code at layers far below levels which are displayed in a browser, HTTP and the WWW have felt like massive steps backwards in adept and speedy programming practices as HTTP intrinsically creates a stateless NUMA which is far less useful than various RTOS principals in theory if not practice, but being a system and network administrator by trade I still get to do things with technology that vex me less far more often within nanosecond and even more recently femtosecond range latencies in realms of coding. For reference, most browsers are in the microsecond and above range.

Still, there are some modest examples of UTF-8 boundary pushing shell scripts on the files subpage on this site. Meanwhile, if you want to see something in a browser, this is me playing around with CODEF, which is a javascript framework I caught wind of when some old demo scene style cracktros were ported to it rather seamlessly, this was sort of in the style of cutting edge realtime programming in the 1980s, now the web is catching up decades later thanks to enormous amounts of processing power, there are saner languages and systems with which to do things like this, but this is a simpler effect which should run in a wide variety of browsers at least:

Some experiments with the CODEF javascript framework.


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